Planet Defense LLC

10640 Main Street
Suite 300
Fairfax, VA 22030 USA


Planet Defense LLC

Dr. Indu B. Singh

President & CEO

Dr. Joseph N. Pelton

Director: Research & Development

Dr. Michael G. Oehler

Director: Operations

Planet Defense LLC

Mr. Lonzado Langley

Senior Cybersecurity Advisor

Mr. Paul Kaman

Director, Middle East

Dr. Nima Zahadat

Senior Cybersecurity Advisor

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Also, if you are a university junior/senior or graduate school student interested in applying for a Northern Virginia-based internship with Planet Defense in Cybersecurity, Network Engineering, or Computer Engineering, please send your resume to Dr. Michael Oehler at: The benefits of being a paid intern with us include: gaining valuable hands-on industry experience, acquiring new knowledge and skills from experts, and working on results-oriented teams that complete truly socially-beneficial projects.