Digital Transformation is making profound changes in how societies evolve in this century. The Digital Transformation process is unique and fundamentally different than IT Transformation of the past century. Digital Transformation is changing the way we live, work, entertain and educate future generations. Public and private institutions need to adapt to these changes. Failure is not an option.

Planet Defense’s superb expert capabilities in Digital Transformation and Smart City development and implementation enable public and private sector entities to avoid such daunting challenges and successfully embrace the wave of digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Services 

Digital Transformation through innovation is the approach that Planet Defense has adopted. Investment risks in new technologies are considerably high for federal, state and local governments. Innovation Hubs for Digital Transformation allow our clients to develop and test the right technical solutions before implementation; thus minimizing their financial and investment risks. We offer the following services:

Digital Transformation: 

  • Digital Transformation Strategy & Planning
  • Emerging Technology Solutions for Digital Transformation
  • Smart Digital Service Platforms for States, Counties & Cities
  • Cybersecurity for Digital Transformation
  • Designing & Implementing Digital Innovation Hubs​

Smart Infrastructure

  • Vision, Strategy & Roadmap
  • Systems Design & Integration
  • Smart City Engineering
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Capital Projects Management
  • Program Management, Stakeholder Alignment & Change Management