Planet Defense LLC


Smart Health Solutions for Digital Equity: 

Planet Defense has partnered with the Verizon 5G Team, UniDoc/UniCheck Holdings, and Higi Smart Health Solutions to provide Smart Health remote clinic systems and services globally. 

Virtual Care services are revolutionizing healthcare delivery by offering patients the convenience of receiving medical advice and consultations online, making healthcare more accessible to all. 

Smart Health solutions play a pivotal role in addressing Digital Equity concerns in healthcare, encompassing various innovations to ensure equitable access to quality care. 

Among these solutions are the Connected Ambulance and Connected Hospital, which leverage advanced connectivity to deliver real-time patient data, enabling rapid and informed medical interventions. 

Hospital at Home initiatives enable high-quality care delivery within the comfort of patients’ homes through remote monitoring and telehealth services. This service alleviates strain on physical hospital infrastructure.

Retail Health options expand services beyond traditional settings, offering healthcare in convenient locations like pharmacies and other retail venues, fostering digital equity. 

Taken together, our Smart Health solutions are reshaping the traditional healthcare paradigm and advancing digital equity by making quality care more inclusive and accessible to all, regardless of patient resources or locations. 


  • Smart Health Remote Clinics (UniDoc)

Advanced Telehealth represents the future direction of healthcare. While premium telehealth services have been theoretically possible in the past, they have not been effectively commercialized until now. ​

Planet Defense’s unique “Smart Health Remote Clinics”  healthcare solutions combine cutting-edge diagnostics, wide-reaching broadband network availability, and advanced HD communication tools in order to provide a comprehensive healthcare delivery platform that empowers doctors, clinicians, and patients alike.

○ Planet Defense’s partner: UniDoc, created a Virtual Health Clinic product lineup that delivers customizable and scalable solutions offering safe , secure ways to connect patients in urban, rural, and even remote locations with high-quality medical care.​

○ Our Smart Health Remote Clinics provide rapid, real-time diagnostic testing, supplying therapeutic treatments with continued health monitoring.​

○ Developed through trusted partnerships with renowned medical companies, UniDoc’s system leverages innovative proprietary technologies to remotely solve the most pressing healthcare problems.

  • HIGI Smart Health Platform

○ Another Planet Defense partner, Higi, developed a digitally connected platform effectively and efficiently addressing many needs of healthcare consumers across the care continuum. This is done through education designed to achieve improved health literacy, and disease-specific assessments with risk assessment so as to improve patient outcomes by avoiding unscheduled healthcare. ​

○ The Higi Smart Health Station and Digital Referral Platform is a physically portable, self-contained medical tool capable of screening users for 20+ health risk factors such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other lifestyle risk factors. ​

○ It is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device and is wheelchair accessible. ​

○ The platform is equipped with two TV screens – one for conveying messages to the patient and one for privately inputting the patient’s health-related info into the Higi system, plus a combined seat/scale and a blood pressure cuff for patient use .