Planet Defense LLC


Strong forces such as climate change, global terrorism, population growth and super urbanization are now affecting cities around the world and will continue to do so in the future. Such far-reaching, powerful and rapidly developing impacts at all levels – global, regional, national & local – include the redefinition, refinement and redirection of:​

  • Economic Systems​
  • Technological Development​
  • Business, Social, Health, Education & Training Needs​
Cities worldwide can consequently face periods of turmoil as they are unable to quickly and aptly respond to accelerating economic, political, social and technical changes. ​ Planet Defense’s superb expert capabilities in designing and implementing Smart and Safe Cities enable cities to avoid such daunting challenges and embark on public-private partnerships for modernization plans which allow their citizenry to enjoy modern, secured, connected and enhanced lifestyles.

Smart City Services

  • Vision, Strategy & Roadmap
  • Systems Design & Integration
  • Smart City Implementation
  • Drone Systems & Data Management
  • Smart Health & Connected Ambulance
  • Smart Tourism Platform (AI/ML based)
  • Cybersecurity & Key Infrastructure Protection
  • Smart City Service Platforms & Command & Control (C2)
  • Data Security, Privacy & Governance
  • Capital Projects Management
  • Smart City Program Management


Digital Innovation Hub Projects

In 2022, Planet Defense launched a National Model for Digital Innovation Hubs. New and emerging digital technologies have raised the issue of digital equity, particularly for the underserved communities in the United States. Through national and regional Innovation Hubs, Planet Defense is leading the way to bring equilibrium between new digital technologies and digital economies along with all of their respective benefits to underserved communities across America and the world. Planet Defense uses three key criteria for establishing regional digital innovation hubs:

  1. They are Geographically Centric, serving certain regions and cities
  2. They are Demographically Centric, serving certain population segments
  3. They are Service Centric, promoting the use of new and emerging technologies.

To this point in time, Planet Defense’s revolutionary approach has led to the establishment of four regional innovation hubs, with many more to come in the future:

Virginia Smart Community Testbed, Stafford, Virginia ​

Ketchikan Innovation Hub, Alaska

Smart Arkansas Innovation Hub, Arkansas

Smart Carolina Innovation Hub